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Blood tears a red rose on fire
The hand of a magician
Steals your mind, captures your heart-
in a magic trick
Trapped behind the glass
Hidden in the mirror
Ghost in the picture
:iconrjbg:RJBG 25 4
Cross dresser, Jesus in the closet
Sacrificial lamb
Raw meat
Virgin prey
Undressed on the wire
A halo with thorns
Hung up on you
On the line
Coming out
God the deserted
:iconrjbg:RJBG 8 2
Mature content
Gas Chamber Angels Part V :iconwolfkillerx3:WolfKillerX3 5 0
Illustration for Orig'l Weird Tale, Two Islands by mgkellermeyer Illustration for Orig'l Weird Tale, Two Islands :iconmgkellermeyer:mgkellermeyer 23 1 Register Pajaronian Article by JonathanFesmire Register Pajaronian Article :iconjonathanfesmire:JonathanFesmire 2 0
Fears Dense and Darkness Shrouding - Part One
"The door's locked."
"No shit. An empty house at night, locked? How strange."
"Don't get pissy. It's been a long night for me too."
"Yes, and whose fault was that, dolt?"
"Shut up. Both of you. It'll be miles before we find another house so we'll have to make do. Get the crowbar."
A violent grating sound thrust through the silence like a shout waking the sleeper. The door resisted the crowbar for only a brief moment before it surrendered on its rusty hinges. The sterile blue glow of an electric lantern stretched a long, probing beam into the hall to illuminate sheet-covered furniture beset by cobwebs and dust. Into the retreating darkness stepped a pot-bellied man, his red face slick from the exertions of the night. Following him, the owner of the second voice materialised, taller and lankier than his companion with a permanent frown crouched upon his brow. Holding the iron shuttered lantern high with a brawny arm, the last of the intruders entered the atrium and cast the light across
:iconnineverbstoacat:NineVerbsToACat 0 0
Michael and Legion
"How long do yah give 'em on his own?" Michael asked, glancing over his shoulder to Legion.  The black haired boy strolled forward, hands in his pockets, indifferent expression on his face.  Michael stepped out of the way, letting the dark boy through and standing to the side in a controlled fashion like the seraph he was.  
Legion glanced down at the child fast asleep in his crib, rocking the cradle lightly and watching as the baby glimpsed up at him with inquisitive green eyes, tiny lips pursed in confusion. "Dah?" he asked, reaching a pudgy hand up towards the boy.  Legion shook his head and uttered a laugh.  
"No, no, kid…far from it." he said, sulfur yellow irises glimmering in the morning light.
"I think we should kill him." Michael said silently, luscious white wings shadowing him in the corner.  
Legion spat out a mirthless laugh and turned to the archangel. "He's far too important for that.  Lucifer wou
:iconhorrorwriter34:horrorwriter34 1 153
Welcome to dying
I want your blood,
not to see you bleed,
but to feel it surge through you,
as your heart changes rhythm,
as I bite your lip,
as I scratch your flesh,
whilst you contort in pleasure and pain,
unashamed in our nakedness,
two graves so in harmony,
if only they weren't so full,
if only we weren't our own plague,
you'd be once more resting your head on my chest,
and I'd be feeling you dream,
your bright eyes,
so blinded by fear of light.
:iconlostandfound666:LostAndFound666 0 0
Would You like to hear more? The Story of Atticus
    He ran off, unable to tell her. She couldn't comprehend the truth. She would throw him away, scared for her life. He was a monster in her eyes. A Reaper, who would lure her in and steal her soul. He didn't want her to know yet. He loved her too much to let her into his world of death and fear.
                              He wanted her to live.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 3 1
Removing the Internal Mask
Removing the Internal Mask
America's Sweetheart
Once upon a time (as it is all times) there was a mannequin, or more properly a teenage girl
Who seemed to be everyone's perfect pearl
She had grace, beauty, and a gorgeous smile
Not to mention her clothes were always in style
Her parents were loaded; they were business people you see
So to her, every little thing in life came for free
But now you're wondering "A mannequin was she?"
"Sounds like an all American girl, perfect as can be"
My retort is perfection is an opinion, not a definitive achievement
So for me there was one quintessential part of her that was absent
Personality you see is something we all need
A pretty standard thing to which most of us would have agreed
But let me not divulge into a philosophical rant
Back to the topic… she had the personality of a plant
I know this seems like quite the harsh judgment
But if you had a conversation with her you'd understand my great discontent
:iconmcthe:mcthe 1 1
The Idol
I once saw a man on the television who was so afraid of fruits that when presented with a bowl of them, he fled the stage, knocking over the host and several other guests.  Though I openly pitied the man for his obvious malady of the mind, inside, the small bit of sadism buried within all humans laughed at his bizarre affliction.  How can one not find cruel amusement in the cowering of a grown man who has been confronted by nothing more than a bowl of peaches?  But now I understand fear like no other.  I now no longer find amusement in the terror of others, no matter how illogical.
Now, let me tell you the story of why the sound of wind whistling through the trees in Autumn strikes me with a fear so immense that I can do little more than shake uncontrollably.
A good friend of mine, a young and upcoming anthropologist by the name of Henry Byrne, contacted me eight weeks ago.  Though he refused to go into details, he excitedly explained t
:iconplaguejester:PlagueJester 190 191
              I remember my grandmother telling me as a child that mirrors were the Devil's handiwork.  They would show you what you wanted to see for as long as you desired until you could only stare at your reflection all the time.  That's when it would steal your soul, leaving your body empty for your mirror-self.  The Doppleganger, she called it.  
              First, they would mimic your every movement, gaining your trust. Then, they would slowly begin to alter their appearance, making you believe what you were seeing was yourself.  They would use this trick to deceive you with beauty and perfection, and it was then that they began ton sink their claws into your skin.  Eventually they would slip up, moving when you didn't, not moving when you did, even going as far as talking to you
:iconkonekonekonaito:konekonekonaito 9 14
The Muse
The Muse
Ah. Yes, there you are.
There you sit so pretty, so quiet, so open. You’ve been waiting, waiting for what you do not know but I have finally come. You stare through me but I am still here. I came all this way just for you, my dear. You see, you called out to me. You burned like a flickering candle in the darkness drawing me ever closer and closer ‘til I finally had you.
Before you even knew what it was; you were listening for my siren song. The others call out to you too. They see your light. They want to take from you just as I do. But their songs are not so pretty as mine. They do not come offering gifts as I do. And everyone loves presents. I know you do, and that you will take it. You will snatch it greedily from my hand, just as the others did, as they always do.
A mirror.
It’s a small simple mirror; a gilded frame surrounds a round looking glass. A special little mirror just for you, Sweet. Go ahead, pick it up. Toy with it for a bit. Now look, look deep i
:iconeclecticnerd:EclecticNerd 6 13
So, he ate my heart.
Not bothered, didn't use it.
Just means it's my turn...
:iconhoshidee:HoshiDee 11 10
Suffering Within by MadArtistParadise Suffering Within :iconmadartistparadise:MadArtistParadise 7 36
Mature content
hospital :iconherio:herio 2 2



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A place for all who appreciate the darkness.

Join if you wish, don't if you don't, but remember I love all of your sick, twisted minds~
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Hello to all my horrific nightmares,I mean friends, Firstly I want to say that I have taken over the #Horror-Writers group as Founder,and I shall carry on in similarities to that of Laurie-lie(founder,before myself)  and secondly,I have began a new Horror themed group called #LegacyOfHorror  and more updates shall be revealed in coming future,including an introduction and welcome from myself and the team.. Thirdly, I am about to write an Official movie review for an upcoming Psychological Thriller,called 'Porcelain Presence' which I am very excited to be part of.

I shall also update you with more info soon.  Also I am writing more as usual...

You can also follow me at facebook ;

or visit my Official Author Blog at ;

Any questions ,just ask :)    AC
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